goodbye cruel world

i have decided to leave blogger for a new habit called:


why?'s why.

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Two Cool Things

I really like new ideas. I like finding new things. I like the internet for those reasons.

First up, the Pock-it. Like a Post-it note, but different.

via PuTai.

And secondly, become one with your environment with the Potted Chair:

via Yanko Design.

Bolthouse does Brasil

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While in Brazil, I fell in love with the A├žai berry. And now, it's finally made it's way Stateside. Find, buy, and enjoy. It's good for you with almost 5x's the amount of antioxidants than other berries.

Quit drooling and FIND a store near you!

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PEZ Museum


Ambient Forecasting Umbrella

Finally, an umbrella that reminds you to bring it along before you need it. The Ambient Forecasting Umbrella ($100) is a 58" dual-canopy umbrella with a "gust buster" design, push-button opening, and one killer feature: a built-in wireless transmitter that gets the daily weather forecast from, and if there's a chance of rain or snow, LEDs in the handle flash in relationship to the chances that you'll need it. Brilliant.

via uncrate
I can't remember if I put this on here already or not...
but I giggle each time I watch it...

Carwash Arobics from AndyM801 on Vimeo.

1st iPod Ad

It's been 6 years since the iPod was released, and here is the first promotional video that followed. There were few early-adopters, but it has spread like a virus. Now those infamous little white ear-buds are so common its almost annoying. This video was a premonition on things to come, check it out: