Thirty-three Story Swing!

Said to be the greatest of it's kind in the world. Jumpers jump off of a 110m waterfall and plunge 100m at 120kph into a 160m deep gorge. Awesome !!!

Awesome 33 Story Swing - video powered by Metacafe

i believe it is this one...


Well it's about time!

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(be sure to watch the quicktours, they're good.)

Spiders on Drugs

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Curiosity was far greater than our fear
It felt so simple, so prodigious at the same time

Incredible things are happening in the world
Magical things are happening in this world

Across the river there are all kinds of magical instruments
While we really keep on living like monkeys

Incredible things are happening in the world
Magical things are happening in this world, yeah

.iron & wine.


So... if you haven't tried Arby's new Rueben Sandwich, I suggest you head on over right now. They are goooooooood.

Family Ski Day!

...please ignore the double chin.

Can't We Pretend We Don't Know Each Other?

We had nothing in common in high school; I don't think we said more than five words collectively in the four years we were stuck in that building together. Sure, we're Facebook friends, just because it's cool to add everybody in your graduating class to your friends list when you first join, but that doesn't mean I want to talk to you in the real world.

These meetings always go the same: "ah crap, we both saw each other, now we have to say hi". The stammering conversation that grinds to a halt after you both ask how school's going. Then seeing them a half-dozen times after you say goodbye.

Happy New Year Saddam!

for the actual hanging, go here.
(warning: it's a little graphic)

It’s a sign of the times when cameraphone footage of Saddam Hussein’s execution - including the aftermath as he hangs from the noose - has made its way online. Information can no longer be suppressed - not with cameraphones, sites like YouTube, and thousands of bloggers. Even the most sensitive media will always become available online.

While mainstream media avoided showing the whole clip, there’s really no way to hide user-generated videos - the second they hit video sharing sites, they’re saved to thousands of computers, and that means they’ll still be around even if these sites decide the clips are too gory for the public.