Euro Speed Racer

imagine being in that guys car!

or this guys go-cart:

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Nalgene Kit Bottles

Looking for a useful, affordable gift? These new Nalgene Kit Bottles ($18-$25) are great for giving, thanks to their combination of a 32oz. Nalgene bottle stuffed with goodies for several different applications, such as Auto, which includes a distress flag, rescue blanket, motion sickness tablets, and more. Other available kits include Dog, Emergency/Survival, First Aid, Heat Stress, and Kids. Affordability and functionality packed into a bottle. Simple.

Mobile Payments

Tired of having so much stuff in your pockets? Well, as always, we can look to Japan as a technological innovator. Next month trials will begin to test the use of mobile phones for subway fare payment. No worries about dialing up the right screen or sending off a text message, the entire transaction will be handled by a small chip manufactured by Sony. Just wave the phone at the turnstile and go. Widespread launch is expected by the beginning of next year.

Oregon Racer

Banff Mountain Film Festival

The Banff Mountain Film Fest is an awesome mix of mountain culture, and eco-awareness videos that tours the country every year. It orignates at the Banff Centre in Banff Canada, but comes down every year, and in Ogden, is sponsored by the Snowbasin Ski Team. Click HERE for dates and tickets.


Haven't been any posts lately, I know. Things have been kind of up in the air with my move back to Ogden, getting my new MacBook, and starting school. So anyways... stay tuned for "hopefully" daily-updates.

Out with the old, in with the new

Guess what I got....

...a brand new MacBook. (you're so jealous)

add a little pirate flair...

and voila!

Get your own "Jobby Roger" HERE.

Everyone should get this:

What is it?
Pownce is a way to send messages, files, links and events to your friends. You'll create a network of the people you know and then you can share stuff with all of them, just a few of them, or even just one other person really fast.

Joining is by invite only. (for now) Ask me for one, or check out and sign up to receive one.


Who said you can't disco on your keyboard?!?!

Actually, we don't think anyone did.

But if someone did, we'd roll up our Bendi Light-up Keyboard and smack some electric blue sense into them. The light-up keyboard features soft-touch, quick tactile action, which is quieter and more comfortable than traditional hard plastic keyboards. Made of silicone, the Bendi is flexible, virtually indestructible, and waterproof.

Waterproof - that's for those times you disco on your keyboard in the pool.

Also comes in pink and white.

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X Games - Jake Brown's HUGE fall.

Don't worry... he's ok.

Angle #2

Did you see his shoes fly off?

11th Hour

Super Mario Galaxy

Tell me this doesn't look awesome...

I will have a Wii someday.


Urbines. That's what World Architecture News labels urban wind turbines; neat neologism.

Ben Coleman of Hamiltons Architects says that to optimise power, "integrate turbines into the design of tall buildings in such a way that the contours of the building envelope focus wind on to the turbine blades, much like the casing around a gas or water turbine." They are doing this at Castle house, a 43 storey, 408 unit apartment building at Elephant and Castle in Southwark, London. "Three 9m wind turbines integrated into the top of the building are expected to generate sufficient power to drive the energy efficient lighting to the building, an integral part of the sustainable credentials for the building as a whole."

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The Cliffs of Insanity!

This is some of the most insane mountain biking on the planet, The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. It may look familiar to you as “The Cliffs of Insanity” from the film, The Princess Bride. The updrafts can be strong enough to make a biker weightless, but at least they’re wearing helmets...

Babes. Eating Lemons.

Nuff said. Hee hee hee....